All Natural Deep Cleanse Face Mask

100% natural, certified organic face masks made from repurposed hemp husks, a natural by-product of the manufacture of hemp seeds. Collected from Hempen, an organic farm in Oxfordshire, the hemp is combined with natural clay, activated charcoal and other organic ingredients.

Main feature of the masks:

- Hemp husks gently exfoliate the skin: Hemp husks contain all nine essential amino acids, acting as a gentle exfoliator and a source of Vitamin D.

- Detoxifying activated charcoal: More absorptive than normal charcoal. Activated charcoal is better at binding to oil and dirt in the skin and minimising the appearance of pores.

- Cleansing natural clays: Natural clays gently draw out impurities, oil and toxins in the skin, making the skin look and feel cleaner and clearer. Clay also helps control the production of sebum, meaning it helps against acne and blackheads.

- Power to paste mask: This powder mask allows you to make the mask to your preferred consistency - simply add water to mix, then leave on for 5-10 minutes. No preservatives needed!

We are committed to not only making ethical beauty products but changing the world’s unhealthy consumption habits. We are trying to end the 'take, make, dispose' world by promoting a circular economy: keeping things in use as long as possible before restoring them at the end of their lives. We commit to creating products that give new life to ingredients that otherwise would be discarded.

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